David Hunter

David Hunter Wife: Meet His Daughter Madison Hunter And Family

People are curious to know about David Hunter’s wife and his other family members after the community champion passed away at 48.

David Hunter, better known as Dave, was a well-known Windsor-Essex campaigner. His influence on the lives of people all around the region was significant. On the morning of June 30, 2023, a renowned individual recognized for his community service was discovered dead. Madison, his daughter, broke the devastating news of his death to the media. David devoted himself to several charity causes and even founded a magazine. Regrettably, he passed away at the age of 48.

Those who knew him were taken aback by the abrupt death of the neighborhood advocate. Following his tragic death, social media platforms have been flooded with tributes and condolences from countless people expressing their grief. The circumstances surrounding Hunter’s death have sparked speculation about his family. Let us look into it.

Meet David Hunter’s Wife Shawna Pelletier

David Hunter was married to a lovely lady. His wife and children, who adored him, confirmed the devastating news on social media on Friday. Shawna Pelletier, his wife, expressed her intense sentiments on social media, writing, “I don’t know how to live without you… Dave, I love you so much.” The family has chosen not to reveal the cause of death, and funeral arrangements have yet to be disclosed.

David Hunter
David Hunter

Despite the fact that little is known about his marriage, Hunter was adored by his family and community. He graduated from Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School after growing up in Corunna, Ontario. Hunter was acknowledged for his strong community involvement due to his adaptability and eagerness to help others.

David Hunter Family: His Daughter Madison Hunter

Madison Hunter was David Hunter’s daughter. She was the one who broke the news of the adored town hero’s death at the age of 48. David is apparently survived by his grandchildren in addition to his wife and daughter; however, information regarding his family has not been shared in length. Madison, his daughter, recalls waking up on Friday morning to find six missed calls from her stepmother on her phone. When she returned the phone call, she learned that her father, Dave Hunter, had died quietly in his sleep.

Madison describes how she learned of her father’s death in an interview with CTV News on Sunday, July 2, 2023, in Windsor, Ontario.

David Hunter
David Hunter

She also read condolences from people whose lives he had impacted, as well as her family’s mourning process. Dave Hunter was widely regarded as a prominent character in Windsor-Essex, actively participating in charitable events and having a significant impact on the lives of many people around the region. The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized him as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.¬†Dave founded “The Drive” magazine, which published its first issue in December 2000.

Hunter, a local realtor, was also involved in the selling of the Low-Martin Mansion in Walkerville, in addition to his community involvement. The asking price for the property is presently $3.4 million. Now that David has left us all, it will be up to someone else to oversee the transaction.

David Hunter Biography Timeline

  1. David Hunter, also known as Dave, was a highly regarded advocate for Windsor-Essex.
  2. The prominent figure known for his community work was discovered deceased on the morning of June 30, 2023.
  3. David Hunter Family: His Daughter Madison Hunter David Hunter had a daughter named Madison Hunter.
  4. David reportedly is survived by his grandchildren; however, the information about his family has not been discussed in detail.
  5. David Hunter wife According to Madison, her father was found deceased in his sleep on the morning of June 30 she also read tributes from individuals whose lives were touched by him and the coping process for her family.