Debbie Higgins

Debbie Higgins- Wiki, Age, Height, Net woth, Husband, Ethnicity

Debbie Higgins was well-known for her editing work on Christy Mathewson Day in 2011 and Demon Hunters Fear the Silence in 2013. Her celebrity is tied to her ex-husband, American television personality Phil McGraw.

Debbie Higgins’s Age, Bio

Debbie Higgins was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in 1950. She will be 73 years old in 2023. She was born to a farmer father and a housewife mother, making her an American national of White ethnicity.

Debbie liked to play volleyball, football, sing, and dance. She was a cheerleader at New York High School before enrolling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she graduated. Debbie has a diploma in fashion technology as well. She was the lead singer in the school band while in college.

Debbie Higgins’s Height And Weight

Debbie Higgins claims that her height and weight are unknown. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are blue.

Debbie Higgins
Debbie Higgins

Debbie Higgins’s Career

Debbie Higgins has had a long and successful career in the entertainment sector. Her big break as an editor occurred when she worked on “Demon Hunters Fear the Silence,” a film starring Mary Bonczek, Brian Gildea, and Rob Dimension. The film gave her a lot of popularity and opened up new doors for her career. She collaborated on “Christy Mathewson Day,” alongside Tony Borgia and Edward G. Boehm, among others.

Debbie Higgins’s Net worth

Debbie Higgins was able to earn a big amount of money from her cheerleading and editing gigs, and she reportedly earned a significant sum as part of Dr. Phil’s divorce settlement. Her net worth has not been revealed. Her ex-husband is said to earn $80 million per year and has a $400 million net worth.

Debbie Higgins Net worth
Debbie Higgins

Debbie Higgins’s Husband, Marriage & Relationship

Debbie was Dr. Phil’s first wife. When they were barely 20 years old, the pair met and fell in love before marrying in the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church in 1970. Debbie and Dr. Phil are both from Kansas City, where the latter played football for nearly a decade. After their marriage, Dr. Phil supposedly changed; he wanted his wife to maintain her figure and ordered her to begin training weights to guarantee she looked well. He was self-conscious about her appearance and worried about what others would think if they saw him with an unattractive woman.

Three years later, in 1973, the couple split. They talked about their failing marriage. Dr. Phil stated that he was a football player who fell in love with a gorgeous cheerleader named Debbie but did not elaborate on why their relationship did not work out.

Quick Facts

Full Name Debbie Higgins
Gender Female
Profession Cheerleader
Birth Date 1950
Age 73 year old
Country America
Husband Ex-Phil McGraw
Divorce Phil McGraw
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Place United, States
Nationality American
Ethnicity American (caucasian)