Devin Fitzgerald

Devin Fitzgerald- Age, Wiki, Height, Net Worth, Parents

Devin Fitzgerald, 15, is the son of NFL player Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and his ex-girlfriend, Angela Nazario. Larry is a well-known NFL player who also owns a stake in the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Quick Facts

Popular Name Devin Fitzgerald
Real Name Devin Fitzgerald
Date of birth January 2, 2008
Age 15 years old
Place of birth USA
Father Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr.
Mother Angela Nazario
Siblings One
Half-brother Apollo Fitzgerald
Grandparents Larry Fitzgerald Sr. and
Carol Fitzgerald
Status Single
Net worth 50 Million USD
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Capricorn
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurement Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye color Brown
Complexion Light
Instagram id devinfitzgerald111

Devin Fitzgerald’s Net Worth

Devin Fitzgerald is only a teenager, thus he has no income or net worth. His father, Larry, on the other hand, has a sizable net worth of $50 million USD. As a result, his net worth can also be calculated through his father.

Devin Fitzgerald Parent’s Family

Devin is the eldest son of NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. His father was having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, Angela Nazario. Both of his parents are involved in the field in some manner. Larry, his father, is a well-known NFL player who has won numerous All-American honors and appeared in eleven Pro Bowl games.

Larry played football in high school and college and worked as a ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Panthers in college. In the 2004 NFL Draft, he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals.

Larry has been a professional football player in the NFL ever since. He also owns a stake in the Phoenix Suns. He also invests in 40-50 firms as a venture capitalist.

Larry also manages two charitable foundations. One is the Carol Fit Memorial Fund, named after his late mother, Carol, who died of a brain hemorrhage while seeking treatment for breast cancer. The other is the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund, named after his father.

While Devin’s father, Larry, was always on the field, his mother was also a cheerleader. Angela, his mother, used to be a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

Devin Fitzgerald’s Parent’s Relationship

Nobody knows how Larry and Angela met, but they were together for two years, from 2006 to 2008. Larry was just twenty-two years old when he dated Angela, but Nazario was already thirty-five. Despite their age difference, they were a wonderful couple. However, things soured when Nazario claimed she had been subjected to domestic violence throughout her relationship with Larry. Larry referred to Angela as a gold digger in response to the claims. He even took a paternity test to prove Devin was his son. Soon later, the pair ended their romance and split up. Angela took Devin after the separation and has been raising him ever since.

Devin Fitzgerald girlfriend, Dating

Devin is still in his early teens, thus nothing is known about his dating life.



  • Devin is only a child in middle school, so no one can be certain about his future.
  • Based on his bio and Instagram pictures, he appears to be more interested in sports.
  • Devin enjoys football as much as his father and has posted a video of one of his games.
  • He enjoys basketball in addition to football. Given his current height, he could develop into a tall NBA player in the future.