Christopher Wright

Story of Christopher Wright’s Life and Untimely Demise: Son And Wife Tracy Karopchinsky

Trenton Wright, Christopher Wright’s son, got involved in a brawl at school over $30. Let us find out more about him. Christopher Wright, 43, was slain while defending his son from bullies who had come to his house after a previous incident at school.

Five people (three teens and two adults) showed up at his Brooklyn Park home over a $30 argument his son had with one of the kids.

CCTV footage of Wright being brutally attacked has also been leaked, shocking everyone. Wright is seen in the video throwing the first punch, although it is unclear whether it hit. The youths then march toward him, and Wright is lifted into the air and roughly pushed to the ground. Two of Chris also watched helplessly as their father was severely heated.

Who is Christopher Wright’s, Son Trenton Wright?

Trenton Wright is one of the sons of Christopher Wright, a 43-year-old Maryland father who was killed while protecting his son. Trenton, a 14-year-old child, was allegedly involved in a brawl over $30. They later tried to attack him in his house, but his father Chris came out and said his son would not fight. As previously said, three teens and two adults showed up at Chris’ house, and one of the adults stated that if Trenton refused to fight, Chris would have to.

Meet Tracy Karopchinsky, the future wife of Christopher Wright.

Christopher Wright was not married, but he was engaged to Tracy Karopchinsky, his future wife. The couple got engaged in November 2015, according to his Facebook bio. Chris’ fiance has spoken out about the event in the media. According to several online, Chris was the one who initiated the brawl by throwing the initial punch. However, there is no reality because the attackers had a disagreement about $30 and came to fight Trenton at his house in retaliation. CCTV footage has also been made public.