Viviana Rossi

Journey Of Viviana Rossi: From Circus Family to America’s Got Talent

Viviana Rossi is a well-known aerialist who rose to prominence after appearing on season 17 of America’s Got Talent. She has worked professionally as an aerialist in France for several years. Viviana is 26 years old and was born in Barcelona, Spain on February 16, 1996.

Viviana’s Family Background In The Circus Industry

Viviana Rossi is from a circus-performing family. Her father, Enni Rossi, and mother, Gloria Jiminez, were both born in Italy but moved to Spain. Enni was a circus trainer, and Gloria worked in the same industry after marrying Enni. Viviana’s grandfather was also a magician.

Viviana’s Relationship With Her Husband Jonathan Rossi

Viviana Rossi married Jonathan Rossi, whom she had been dating prior to 2019. In an interview, Viviana thanked her husband for his professional support and for allowing her to continue her career in aerial acrobatics. Jonathan also displays his support for his wife by attending the majority of her gigs and performances. He is also an accomplished cycling stunt performer in circuses and other performances.

Viviana Rossi Husband
Viviana Rossi Husband

Aerial acrobatics – More Than Just a Profession For Viviana

For Viviana, aerial acrobatics is more than just a job. She mentioned in an interview that whenever she performs, she feels the warmth of the audience, which gives her satisfaction. She believes she is living her dream by doing what she enjoys and cannot imagine living any other way.

After a friend suggested it, Viviana was introduced to aerial acrobatics. She had an excellent background in gymnastics growing up in a huge circus household. She enrolled at an academy to master aerial acrobatics and spent over ten years honing her talents. Despite her great knowledge, she still gets worried when performing neck exercises. She believes that her fear gives her the guts to do better.

Viviana Rossi performing
Viviana Rossi performing

Viviana’s Debut on America’s Got Talent

The judges of America’s Got Talent applauded Viviana’s performance on the show. Viviana’s act, according to American actress Sofia Margarita, was hazardous, original, and beautiful, and should have been featured in a James Bond film. Howie Mandel applauded her performance as well, and Heidi Klum stated she was hypnotized by it. Heidi was apprehensive during the performance, despite the danger of the act, but she felt glad for Viviana because the audition went so well.

Viviana Rossi Net Worth And Income Source

The net worth of Viviana Rossi is reported to be $1 million. She gets paid $57,799 per year as an aerialist. She earns her living by performing in various circuses, reality programs, and festivals.