Kamil Labudda

Kamil Labudda Wikipedia and Weik: How Old Is the YouTuber?

Does Kamil Labudda have a Wikipedia profile? The famous Polish YouTuber went viral online for his recent generous act.

Kamil Labudda, often known as Budda TV, is a notable Polish YouTuber with over 1.29 million subscribers. Budda TV, a channel, was launched on September 25, 2019. With his interesting content, Labudda has come a long way, and Buddha has amassed a sizable fan base. Furthermore, Budda’s great YouTube video has millions of views.

Furthermore, Budda is frequently in the spotlight due to his generous gestures. He recently made headlines when he organized a refilling campaign at the Ul WATKEM station.

Following that, a large crowd gathered around the petrol station, causing traffic to back up for many hours.

Kamil Labudda Wikipedia Explored

Kamil Labudda is a well-known Polish YouTuber with over 1.29 million subscribers to his Budda TV YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, he showcases his lifestyle and automobile stuff. Budda also emphasizes that he plans to create videos just about his passion. Kamil is a rapper in addition to making videos and being known as a YouTuber. He partnered with another rapper, Kizo, and released a song called Smell of Vanilla in 2021. LaBudda can be found on a variety of social media sites, and as previously said, many people admire his charity efforts. Furthermore, he recently provided free gas to a number of cars. Kamil’s name has also been linked to another incident.

Kamil Labudda
Kamil Labudda

A metal box containing money and candy was discovered in front of an orphanage in Dlugie, near Krosno, on July 1, 2023. It is unknown who left it, although many believe it was Buddha. When the box was opened by a police officer, it contained PLN 100,000 in cash and a large amount of sweets. People made too many assumptions; Budda also answered via a Twitter tweet, which can still be seen on his account.

Kamil Budda Age: How Old Is the YouTuber?

The age of Kamil Budda is still being investigated. Based on his appearance, he is thought to be in his early 30s. The YouTuber has never spoken to the public about his personal life. He was born in 1999, making him 24 years old in 2023. Budda stated in an interview that he had a difficult childhood and that his father lived on the street for 15 years. Kamil, like many other young people, traveled to London to pursue work and later worked as a dishwasher.

Budda was supposedly kicked out by his mother two years after moving, and he has had no touch with his mother to this day.

How Much Is Kamil Labudda Net Worth In 2023?

Kamil Labudda amassed a lucrative net worth of approximately $1 million with his YouTube channel. He has been actively sharing videos on YouTube for quite some time. Kamil earns an estimated $624 – $10K per month and $7.5K – $119.9K per year, according to the social blade. Buddha also earns a lot of money from sponsorship and endorsement deals. Kamil Labuddha’s net worth is unknown.

Kamil Labudda
Kamil Labudda

Kamil has worked with a variety of companies. He earns a good living from his brand endorsement arrangements.

Kamil is also a car enthusiast. He frequently posts photos of various sports automobiles on Instagram, which could cost him a fortune.

Kamil Labudda Biography Timeline

  1. Kamil Labudda, famous as Budda TV, is a popular Polish YouTuber whose channel has gained over 1.29 million subscribers.
  2. Besides creating videos and getting recognized as a YouTuber, Kamil is also a rapper.
  3. But a report by 4Fund Tv has said that he was born in 1999, which makes his age 24 years as of 2023.
  4. Budda was reportedly kicked out by his mother, and it has been noted that he does not have any contact with his mom to date.
  5. Kamil Labudda earned a fruitful net worth of around $1 million through his YouTube channel.