Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks Kids: Son Eric And Daughter Molly With Wife Barbara

Kix Brooks’ fans are curious to know about his kids. He has enjoyed his beautiful married life with his wife, Barbara Brooks, for over four decades.

Brooks and Dunn, a prominent music performer, rose to fame after collaborating with Ronnie Dunn to form a duet band. Kix Brooks, the host of American Country Countdown, is best known as one-half of the 1990 combo Brooks and Dunn. He released his debut solo single, “Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down,” in 1983, but returned to composition after the song received little attention.

In 1989, he tried recording again, releasing an album called Kix Brooks on Capitol Records, but it failed to chart.

Brooks and Dunn’s debut album Brand New Man produced four number-one country chart hits in 1991. McBride and the Ride had a hit with the song “Sacred Ground” from the same album.

After almost 20 years of collaboration, the team launched their independent careers. Brooks’ solo career included the release of the CD New to This Town.

Meet Kix Brooks Kids: Son Eric And Daughter Molly

Kix Brooks married Barbara Brooks, his long-term girlfriend. They have been married for over four decades. Kix Brooks has two children, a boy, and a daughter. Molly Brooks is the name of the couple’s first child. She was born on December 24, 1986. Molly, Kix’s daughter, is a writer and illustrator. She grew up in Nashville and now lives in Brooklyn. Molly graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design. She later earned a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

Kix Brooks
Kix Brooks

Molly’s short comics and illustrations have appeared in a variety of publications, including Time Out New York, The Nashville Scene, The Riverfront Times, and many others. She also created the artwork for Ben Wilgus’s Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared. Molly spends her free time recording her kitties and watching classic buddy cop series. The first of her original graphic novels, Sanity and Tallulah, was published in 2018, and the second in 2019. Aside from this, she has created a large number of illustrations and artwork.

The pair’s second child is Eric Brooks. Eric is an actor and part of his father’s Team Two Entertainment film company. The company produced the film “Home by Spring,” which Eric and his father, Kix, acted in the movie.

Kix Brooks Married Life with Wife Barbara Brooks

Kix Brooks and his wife, Barbara Brooks, married on August 1, 1981. Only relatives and close friends were invited to their wedding ceremony. Barbara met Kix in 1971 before he began his musical career. They afterward began dating for a long period before marrying. Their love tale is regarded as one of the most beautiful.

Kix Brooks
Kix Brooks

Kix’s wife reared their children Molly and Eric while he was occupied with his music and shows. Even though it was difficult to manage two children on her own, she did it. Barbara even quit her work to remain at home with their children. She considers her husband to be the best father in the world because he is constantly involved with the children and cracks jokes with them. It is tough for anyone to continue their love story when one partner has to travel so regularly, yet this lovely couple made their love grow stronger by the day.

Kix never forgets to surprise and delight his wife with gifts and surprises of her choosing. We can learn from him how to make our partner happy. Mr. Brooks gave his wife a horse for their 25th wedding anniversary, which she treasured. Kix fans adore the duo and hope to see Kix Brooks Kids achieve greater popularity.

Kix Brooks Biography Timeline

  1.  Kix Brooks’s family, spouse, children, parents, body measurements & much more.
  2.  Kix has a net worth of approximately $45 Million.
  3. He collaborated with Joe Walsh on the song “New to This Town.”
  4. In 2019, they were selected for the Country Music Hall of Fame.