Lauren Mae Beauty

Lauren Mae Beauty- Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Husband, Ethnicity

Lauren Mae Beauty is a YouTube beauty guru and vlogger. She wishes to share her love of beauty and skincare with the rest of the world. Lauren Mae Beauty provides her subscribers with fascinating and useful content based on her 5 years of experience and passion for making people feel confident and attractive. Lauren Mae Beauty’s friendly and cheerful manner covers everything from detailed product reviews to step-by-step lessons.

Lauren Mae Beauty Age, Biography

Lauren Mae Beauty, 36, is a beauty influencer from England. She was born on May 8, 1986, and she is White. She has a successful beauty blog and YouTube channel and is a licensed cosmetologist.

Lauren Mae Beauty’s Height, Weight

Lauren Mae Beauty is 5’7″ tall and weighs 80 kg. She has wonderful chestnut pink hair that is long and straight. Her eyes are a lovely chocolate blue, and she has long, thick lashes.

Lauren Mae Beauty
Lauren Mae Beauty

Lauren Mae Beauty’s Profession & Career

Lauren now works full-time on YouTube, and adding new makeup to her line is part of what makes it popular.

Lauren Mae Beauty’s Income And Net Worth

Lauren Mae Beauty is a well-known YouTuber known for her informative and entertaining cosmetics, skincare, and hair care tutorials. “Beauty by Lauren Mae Beauty,” her YouTube channel, has over 112000 subscribers and millions of views.

According to reports, Lauren Mae Beauty’s net worth is predicted to exceed $8 million by 2023. This massive sum reflects not just her excellent work as a beautician, but also the huge money she earns through her YouTube channel, which includes advertising revenue, sponsorships, and product sales. Lauren Mae Beauty is a well-known name in the beauty industry, and her YouTube channel has helped her reach a wider audience and grow her company.

Lauren Mae Beauty Net worth
Lauren Mae Beauty

Lauren Mae Beauty’s Husband, Marriage

Lauren Mae is not in a relationship right now. She is not married and believes herself to be single.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lauren Mae
Age 36 years
Profession YouTube Star
Birth Date May 8, 1986
Birth Place England
Nationality England
Height  5 ft 7 inches
Weight  80 kg
Hairs Pink
Eyes Blue
Net worth $ 8 million
Brand N/A
Hobbies N/A