Leslie Hamilton Gearren

Leslie Hamilton Gearren- Wiki, Age, Height, Net worth, Husband, Ethnicity

Leslie Hamilton Gearren, an American actress, rose to prominence mostly as the identical twin of famed actress Linda Hamilton. They are generally referred to as the Hamilton twins, and their uncanny similarity and mutual affinity have captured the attention of many.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s Age, Bio

Leslie Hamilton Gearren was born on September 26, 1956, in Salisbury, Maryland, USA, and died on August 22, 2020, as a result of the unanticipated Covid-19 epidemic. She was 64 years old at the time of her death, which shocked everyone who knew her.

Leslie’s father, Carroll Stanford Hamilton, was a physician who tragically died in a vehicle accident when she was five years old. Barbara K. Holt, her mother, later wedded a police chief. Leslie had three siblings: her twin sister Linda Hamilton, a younger brother named Ford, and an older sister named Laura.

Leslie went to Wicomico Junior High and Wicomico High School in Salisbury, where she studied with her twin sister Linda. Leslie chose nursing over performing, while Linda pursued acting.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s Height And Weight 

Leslie Hamilton Gearren stood 5 feet 6 inches (about 167 cm) tall and weighed around 60 kilos. She also had a well-proportioned body, with breast measurements of 36 inches, waist measurements of 28 inches, and hip measurements of 37 inches. Leslie’s physical features were accentuated by her blonde hair, which complemented her striking blue eyes. These particulars offer an image of a woman with a well-balanced and beautiful physical appearance.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren
Leslie Hamilton Gearren

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s Career

Leslie, a registered nurse from the United States, has spent her entire career delivering compassionate care. She demonstrated her great caregiving skills as an emergency room nurse and hospice nurse. Her major tasks included working at a hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Leslie’s loving personality extended beyond her professional life. She was well-known for her persistent dedication to supporting children and bettering the lives of others. Her selflessness and determination were extremely inspirational.

Leslie Hamilton appeared in a couple of films with her twin sister, Linda Hamilton. In the legendary 1991 film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” she played Linda Hamilton’s double. Notably, Leslie played a mirror counterpart in the moment where Sarah pulls the CPU from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. She was also seen in the scene where the T-1000 impersonated Sarah. Leslie’s contributions to the film business demonstrated her versatility and collaborative attitude.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s Net worth

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s net worth was estimated to be around $2.5 million, with her nursing career serving as her principal source of income. She also earned some money from her short acting experience. While her nursing work was most likely her main source of money, Leslie dabbled in acting on a smaller scale, which may have contributed to her overall earnings. That the precise breadth and scope of her acting activities are unknown. Nonetheless, her net worth mirrored her achievement and steadiness in the nursing profession.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren Net worth
Leslie Hamilton Gearren

Leslie Hamilton Gearren’s Husband, Marriage & Relationship

Leslie Hamilton Gearren was married, but the identity of her spouse was never revealed. She deliberately keeps her personal and romantic affairs hidden from public view, preferring her privacy above all else.

Leslie and her partner have three children: Ashley, Kendall, and Adam. Leslie has accepted the position of grandma and now has two grandkids named Luna Bo and Ollie. Leslie stresses maintaining a sense of intimacy and seclusion in this element of her living by withholding precise details about her family life.

Quick Facts

Full Name Leslie Hamilton
Born Date 26 Sep 1956
Age 64 years
Gender Female
Profession Celebrity Family, Actress, Nurse
Country United States of America
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Relationship Status married
Net Worth $2.5 Million
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Body Size 36-28-37 inches
Birth Place Salisbury, Maryland
Nationality American
Ethnicity English, Scottish, and Welsh
Education Wicomico High School
Father Carroll Stanford Hamilton
Mother Barbara K. Holt
Siblings Three (Linda, Laura, and Ford)
Kids Three (Ashley, Kendall, and Adam)