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Who Is Lewis Miley Brother Jamie Miley? Age Gap And Family

Lewis Miley’s brother Jamie Miley is a midfielder for Newcastle United. He signed a deal with his boyhood club last summer, eight years after linking up with the club’s youth setup.

Lewis Miley is a young footballer who signed his first professional contract with Newcastle United on May 1, 2023. The exceptional soccer player signed the contract on his 17th birthday and quickly became a key member of England’s side. The gifted player made his long-awaited debut in the final game of the 2022-23 season. He came on in the second half as a substitute. The 17-year-old youngster has garnered a lot of attention. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the young soccer player’s family. Jamie Miley, Lewis Miley’s elder brother, and another superb Newcastle United midfielder, is the subject of today’s story.

Who Is Lewis Miley Brother Jamie Miley? Age Gap And Family

Jamie Miley is a talented soccer player who signed his first professional contract with Newcastle United in July 2022, eight years after joining the club’s development system. Jamie Miley was born on January 14th, 2004. Lewis, too, was born on May 1, 2006. As a result, the Miley brothers are two years and four months apart in age.

Lewis and Jamie grew up playing soccer together in Stanley, their hometown.

 Lewis Miley
Lewis Miley

Jamie Miley is Lewis Miley’s older brother and a skilled player. The midfielder tandem has a strong bond with one another. The media has witnessed the Miley brothers’ close relationship. The Stanley-born center midfielder made his debut for Newcastle’s under-21 team in the 2021/22 Papa John’s Trophy, starting against League One club Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough. Jamie was a member of Newcastle’s under-18 team in the 2020/21 FA Youth Cup quarter-finals before captaining the Toon Teenagers to the fifth round in 2021/22. There isn’t much information regarding their family and parents. In any case, the Miley brothers must have a close relationship with their parents. Furthermore, their family must be quite proud of them.

Jamie Miley’s Pride In Playing With Lewis Miley

Lewis Miley’s elder brother, Jamie Miley, stated his delight in playing with him at the under-21 level. Jamie Miley, Lewis Miley’s older brother, expressed his pride in playing with him. Lewis’s younger brother, who joined the United Academy at the age of 11, started with him for Newcastle’s under-21 squad. The midfielders have also practiced alongside the first team. While Jamie’s major objective is to make the United senior squad, he also wishes to follow in the footsteps of the Longstaff and Ameobi brothers by playing for the Magpies.

“It’s been extremely special.” “It’s unusual to be a teammate with your brother, especially at the under-21 level, and progress this far together,” Jamie Miley said. The 19-year-old said in the same interview that they began training with the first team. Jamie stated that it was special not only for him and Lewis but also for their parents and other family members.

 Lewis Miley
Lewis Miley

Jamie went on to say that their family is a Newcastle United fan. “We can feel their pride for us both as they message us after training because their kids and grandsons are training with them.”

“The dream is to play for the first team, but it would be even more special if Lewis and I could do it together,” Jamie Miley explained.

Nonetheless, Lewis Miley is Jamie Miley’s younger brother and a promising footballer who recently made his Premier League debut for Newcastle United.

Jamie Miley Biography Timeline

  1. Lewis Miley, a talented midfielder, has made a remarkable entry into the Premier League as the youngest player in the iconic Newcastle United jersey.
  2. He signed his first professional contract to be a major part of the England squad on his 17th birthday on May 1, 2023.
  3. He has already played for England at the under-17 level.
  4. Throughout the current season, Miley has showcased his prowess in nine Premier League 2 matches, earning two goals and providing five assists.
  5. Lewis Miley Lewis signed his first professional contract with Newcastle United FC on his 17th birthday.