Mason Mount

Does Mason Mount Have Brother? Meet His Sister Jasmin Benham

Who is Mason Mount’s brother? The Chelsea attacking midfielder’s fans know that he has one older sister. But does he also have a brother?

Mason Mount, a Chelsea midfielder, has established himself as one of the greatest players in the Premier League. Since he was a child, the professional football player has been playing. After spending one day a week training in the academies of Chelsea and Portsmouth football clubs, the Portsmouth native joined Chealsea in 2005.

He was eventually promoted to the Premier League club’s senior team. The 24-year-old also plays for England’s National Team as a central midfielder.

Aside from his football statistics, Mason’s followers all around the world want to know more about his personal life. Many people have inquired as to whether the footballer has a brother. Check it out below.

Mason Mount Brother: Does He Have One?

Mason Mount, a Chelsea center midfielder, has one older brother, Lewis Mount. Lewis Mount was born in the month of May 1987. Lewis will be 36 years old in 2023. Mason, on the other hand, was born on January 10, 1999. The Mount brothers are eleven years and eight months apart in age. Despite their large age difference, the Mount brothers have a tight relationship. Mason’s older brother is ecstatic about him. Lewis frequently posts photos of himself with his famous brother on social media.

Furthermore, the Chelsea midfielder’s elder sibling never fails to congratulate him on his achievements. When Manson signed a professional contract with the squad in January 2016, Lewis stated that the family was overjoyed because their hard work had paid off.

Mason Mount
Mason Mount

Lewis Mount, known as Lew among his close friends and family, is a talent manager. Lewis describes himself as a talented manager in his Instagram bio. He also works as Mason’s off-pitch operations manager.

The athlete’s older brother works as a tour manager for Adventures by Disney. Is Lewis Mount a doting father to a gorgeous newborn in addition to being a caring big brother and cherished son?

Lewis’ marital status or relationship status is unknown.

Meet Mason Mount Sister Jasmin Benham

Mason Mount has an elder sister named Jasmine Benham in addition to a big brother. She adores watching football and frequently joins the crowd in cheering when Mason plays. While little is known about Jasmine’s job, she is happily married to Sam Benham. Jasmine, often known as Jazz, is also the mother of two gorgeous children. Mount’s lovely sister, on the other hand, has a happy and comfortable life with his wife and children.

Mason Mount Parents – Debbie And Tony Mount

Mason Mount was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England to Tony and Debbie Mount. The young footballer’s father is a former semi-professional and coach. Tony played non-league soccer before becoming a coach for local clubs such as Havant Town. Mason appears to have acquired his father’s passion for athletics. Mount had an insatiable desire for football as a child. His family encouraged him to focus more on his education.

Mason Mount
Mason Mount

Surprisingly, the English athlete excelled academically as well as athletically. Mason Mount has made his parents, siblings, and other family members extremely pleased with his athletic brilliance and magnificent career.

Mason Mount Biography Timeline

  1. The 24-year-old also serves as the central midfielder for England’s National Team.
  2. Many people have been asking if the footballer has a brother.
  3.  Chelsea central midfielder Mason Mount has one elder brother, Lewis Mount.
  4. He is known as Lew in his close friend and family circle, and is a talent manager.
  5. Meet Mason Mount Sister Jasmin Benham Besides a big brother, Mason Mount also has an elder sister named Jasmine Benham.