Maddie Howton

Meet Maddie Howton And April Howton A Home Baker From “Baking It” Season 2

Peacock’s Baking It Season 2 will feature eight pairs of home bakers trying to create the best Christmas gifts for four real-life judging grandparents. After a series of challenges and eliminations, the program’s champion will be awarded $50,000. Maddie Howton, an 18-year-old baker, and her mother, April Howton, are Baking It, participants. Maddie Howton, a native of Florence, Alabama, began cooking and baking in middle school. Maddie’s first goal was to be homeschooled after being bullied by her peers for not being the “cutest little middle schooler.” Maddie’s mother, April, encouraged her to participate in a school bake sale, where her food was warmly appreciated. Maddie’s baking career advanced from little cake spheres to bread as a result of this occurrence, and her bullies began bugging her incessantly in order for Maddie to “create something for them.”

Maddie Howton

Maddie Howton, a Baking It competitor, owns a bakery named Gingerbread.

Howton currently lives with her mother in Studio 23, Downtown Florence, where she runs her baking firm, Gingerhead. Maddie was bored in quarantine following the baking sale, so she attempted cake decorating. Maddie chose to start Gingerbread in 2020 with the help of her mum. April is a competent carpenter who creates acrylic toppings for Gingerbread custom cakes. She does not want to go to college, so she bakes and decorates large-scale cakes and other baked goods that can be purchased online and picked up at Studio 23. In an interview with News 19, Maddie revealed that she was afraid of her competition.


“I never imagined that would happen in a million years. And it really taught me to have greater faith in myself.”

Maddie Howton


Maddie’s mother, April, also remarked in the same interview that she was proud of her daughter for following her passion and for being able to see her on national television.

Season 2 of Baking It will include a celebrity Christmas special episode.

Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph hosted Baking It Season 1; however, Andy will be replaced this season by SNL star Amy Poehler. The show is a spin-off season of Nick Offerman’s Making It, and it will feature eight teams competing for the trophy and $50,000 in a range of festive theme challenges.

According to the season description,


“Baking It Season 2″ premieres on Peacock on December 12th, featuring a new bunch of bakers competing in teams in a range of exciting activities created by Maya and Amy. These assignments will put competitors to the test in a variety of bakes for the chance to win huge money and the love of the Baking It judges, a group of opinionated grandmothers!”

Beginning December 12, new episodes of Baking It will air on Peacock every Monday at 3:01 a.m. ET. The series will consist of five episodes. NBC will telecast a Christmas special episode of the program on December 12 at 10 p.m. ET, in addition to the main series.