Mike Norris

Mike Norris – Wiki Age, Height, Net worth, Wife, Ethnicity

Mike Norris is an American actor and filmmaker best known for his roles in “Born American” and “Delta Force 3: The Killing Game.”

Mike Norris’s Age, Bio

Mike Norris was born on October 4, 1962, in Los Angeles County, California, and is 60 years old. He is of mixed origin, with English, Scottish, Welsh, and German ancestors, and he is an American citizen. Mike Norris is the son of famed actor and martial arts champion Chuck Norris and Dianne Holechek. He has two brothers, Eric Norris and Dakota Alan Norris, both of whom are actors, and two sisters, Danielle Kelly Norris, and Dina Norris. Mike is a graduate, despite the lack of particular details about his academic background.

Mike Norris’s Height And Weight

Mike Norris is a man who is 6 feet tall and weighs roughly 79kg. He has a slim frame and conducts himself with confidence. His light brown hair is perfectly combed and contrasts with his brown eyes, which exude warmth and approachability. Mike is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and his fitness and physical attractiveness reflect this. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling, and his toned physique reflects his active lifestyle. Mike is a well-rounded person who emanates confidence and a good outlook on life.

Mike Norris
Mike Norris

Mike Norris’s Career

Mike Norris has appeared in various films, including the drama “Born American” in 1986 and the action picture “Delta Force 3: The Killing Game” in 1991. In addition, he directed and acted in the Christian film “Birdie & Bogey” in 2009. Norris founded 2nd Fiddle Entertainment and has written, produced, and directed films such as “Birdie & Bogey”, “Maggie’s Passage”, and “Gabriel”. He is currently working on a new adventure project titled “Mission Air” that he has written. Fans can watch his videos on YouTube and follow him on Twitter, and his biography and other biographical information can be found on Wikipedia.

Mike Norris’s Net worth

Mike Norris, an American actor, and filmmaker, is predicted to have a net worth of $3 million as of 2023. His fortune stems from a successful career in the entertainment sector, where he has acted in and directed several award-winning films. Norris has also added to his net worth by writing, producing, and directing numerous films through his production firm, 2nd Fiddle Entertainment. Despite his financial success, Norris is noted for his quiet demeanor and devotion to his family. He is still working on interesting new ventures while celebrating his accomplishment with his loved ones.

Mike Norris Net worth
Mike Norris

Mike Norris’s Wife, Marriage & Relationship

Mike Norris is married to Valerie Norris and has been in a long-term relationship with her. The couple married on May 23, 1992, and they have three children. Hannah Norris, their first child, was born in 1993, and their twins, Max and Greta Norris were born in 2000. Aside from their family, the pair owns Fiddle Entertainment’s motion film studio. There are no rumors of divorce or extramarital affairs, and they remain happily married with their children.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mike Norris
Age 60 years
Birth Date October 04, 1962
Birth Place Los Angeles County, California, USA
Horoscope (Sunshine) Libra
Salary N/A
Height 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Ethnicity (Race) Mixed(English, Scottish, Welsh, and German)
Nationality American
Profession Actor and Director
Father’s Name Chuck Norris
Mother’s Name Dianne Holechek
Weight 79 Kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Lucky Number 5
Lucky Stone Peridot
Lucky Color Blue