Nichol Kessinger

Is Nichol Kessinger Pregnant? Baby Bump And Children

Is Chris Watt’s Mistress, Nichol Kessinger pregnant? Learn everything about Kessinger’s baby bump and children in the article below!

Nichol Kessinger was having an affair with Chris Watt, a father of two who killed his pregnant wife Shannan and two children. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Colorado State University. Similarly, she earned an Associate of Science degree from Aurora Community College.

Nicolas and Chris met after Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Chris’ employer, hired Tasman Geosciences. They began dating soon after Chris convinced her that he had separated from his wife and was in the process of divorcing her. Furthermore, Chris murdered his family more than a month after they began dating.

Is Nichol Kessinger Pregnant?

No record of Nichol Kessinger being pregnant exists. The subject of her pregnancy has been discussed in the media for many years, but no verified media source has confirmed it. Kessinger rose to prominence following her connection with Chris Watts.

 Nichol Kessinger
Nichol Kessinger

They were dating, and Chris had even planned to start a new life with Nichol. Kessinger has avoided the public and kept her personal life private. little is known about her current life.

Nichol Kessinger Baby Bump And Children

Nichol Kessinger’s pregnancy has piqued everyone’s interest, but there is no truth behind it. Also, despite not being pregnant, her baby bump is being sought. Not to mention, certain celebrities frequently find themselves in the spotlight after followers notice their attendance at certain events or social media posts.

Because Nichol lives a low-key existence, it is unknown whether she has found a new man or begun a family. Due to a lack of information, it is unknown whether Kessinger presently has children. Furthermore, Nichol did not testify in court during Chris’ trial, and she has since vanished from public view. According to the Daily Mail, Nichol filed for a name change in Jefferson County, Colorado, in October 2018.

Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts Relationship Explored

Nichol Kessinger was working in Anadarko Petroleum’s environmental department when she met Chris Watts, who was then an operator with the oil and gas exploration business. Furthermore, Kessinger and Watts are said to have met in June 2018 and begun dating in early July. Kessinger told the Denver Post that she didn’t realize Chris was still married to his wife, Shanann.

 Nichol Kessinger
Nichol Kessinger

Chris had informed Nichol that he was divorced and separated from his wife. Watts informed her in late July that his divorce had been finalized. He also later sought for her assistance in finding a suitable dwelling for him and his children. On August 13, 2018, Chris pled guilty to the murders of his pregnant wife, Shanann, and their kids, Bella and Celeste. In addition, Nichol has mentioned the issue in a few interviews.

Nichol Kessinger Biography Timeline

  1. Nichol Kessinger was having an affair with the dad of two, Chris Watt, who strangled his pregnant wife Shannan & two children.
  2. There is no record of Nichol Kessinger being pregnant.
  3. Nichol Kessinger Pregnant Chris Watts’ then-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger is not pregnant and is not expecting her child.
  4. Nichol did not testify in court at Chris’ trial, and since then, she has disappeared from the public.
  5. Chris pleaded guilty to the murders of his pregnant wife named, Shanann, and their daughters, Bella and Celeste, on August 13, 2018.