Sahil Gehlot

Sahil Gehlot Religion: Is He Muslim? Family Ethnicity

Sahil Gehlot’s religion has gained huge public attention as a social media post has claimed that he belongs to the Muslim community. Let’s explore his religion.

Sahil Gehlot is the accused murderer of his long-term live-in lover Nikki Yadav. Furthermore, he is said to be a new pharmacy graduate whose family owns a dhaba in Mitraon village.

After a heated argument, Gehlot strangled Nikki with a cellphone cable. According to reports, the accused family had already arranged his marriage with another woman, and the victim was completely oblivious to the changes.

Following the murder case, everyone on social media has been discussing Sahil, with the majority of individuals concerned about his religion. So, after gathering everyone’s information, here’s more information regarding his faith.

Sahil Gehlot Religion: Is He Muslim?

Sahil Gehlot’s religion is Hindu, not Muslim. When a social media post saying that Sahil belonged to the Muslim community went viral, many people assumed Gehlot was Muslim. people assumed Gehlot was Muslim and belonged to the Muslim community.

Sahil Gehlot
Sahil Gehlot

Sahil Gehlot is supposed to be Hindu, however, a popular social media article stated that he is Muslim.  people have formed their own judgments about Gehlot’s faith. none of the national media outlets have reported the story about Sahil’s faith, and he hasn’t spoken anything about it. As a result, it is apparent that Sahil is Hindu, as certified by Vishvas News.

Sahil Gehlot Family and Ethnicity

Sahil Gehlot was born in Najafgarh, Delhi, to a Jaat family from Mitraon village. Furthermore, Gehlot has Indian nationality, although his ethnicity is still being investigated.

When the murder case involving Nikki got public, he and his family became a hot issue. Sahil and Nikki will marry in October 2020 at the Arya Samaj temple in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Gehlot’s family was reportedly dissatisfied with the marriage and wanted her to leave. As a result, his family has also scheduled their son’s marriage to another woman for December 2022. Nikki was kept in the dark. Gehlot is said to have slain her on the day of his wedding to another woman after a three-hour dispute over the subject.

Sahil Gehlot
Sahil Gehlot

After a three-hour argument, Sahil Gehlot murdered Nikki Yadav on the day of his wedding to another woman.
Gehlot allegedly stuffed Nikki in the fridge after murdering her. Nikki’s father filed a complaint after she was unable to contact her on February 14.

Following that, Sahil was arrested, and a case was filed under Indian Penal Code sections 302 and 201. Sahil’s father, Virendra Singh, and brothers, Anish and Naveen, were also detained in connection with the murders.

In addition, his buddies Lokesh and Amar were apprehended after police discovered that Sahil’s family and friends were implicated in the murder.

It has also been reported that Sahil’s cousin’s brother and a friend assisted him in concealing Nikki’s body in a freezer at his family-owned dhaba, which is only 700 meters from his parents’ home.

Following that, police issued a report stating that Sahil’s new bride had returned to her parents’ home.

Sahil Gehlot Biography Timeline 

  1. Sahil Gehlot is a trader, killer, media figure, and online personality from Delhi, India.
  2. He gained public and media notice after it was revealed that he murdered his live-in partner, Nikki Yadav.
  3. Furthermore, Sahil kept Nikki in the dark about his family’s plans for him to marry a different lady on February 10, 2023.
  4. Nikki Yadav somehow found out about the wedding, and the two got into a quarrel in which Sahil reportedly strangled Nikki with a data wire he had in his vehicle.
  5. Sahil married another lady on the same day he discarded Nikki’s corpse, which was February 10, 2023.