Finley Boden

Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden: Parents Murder 10-Month-Old Finley Boden

In a heartbreaking tragedy that has stunned the globe, a boy who should have been cherished by his parents became the victim of an inconceivable atrocity at the hands of his own mother and father.

Disturbing Abuse Unveiled: A Christmas Day Tragedy

On Christmas Day 2020, his parents ruthlessly took the life of a helpless 10-month-old baby called Finley Boden. What happened before this fatal tragedy was a harrowing story of abuse inflicted on the little youngster. Court testimony revealed a terrible pattern of abuse and mistreatment faced by Finley. The court heard sickening details of a “savage and brutal” murder, in which the youngster suffered 57 broken bones, 71 bruises, and two burns on his left hand as a consequence of contact with a scorching surface and a cigarette lighter flame.

Filthy Home and Tragic Discovery: Feces Found in the Bedroom

The shocking revelations did not stop there. As police dug deeper into the case, they uncovered Finley’s horrific living conditions. Traces of feces were discovered in the bedroom where the kid sadly died inside the family’s overcrowded and unsanitary terraced property on Holland Road, Old Whittington.

Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden: The Culprits Behind the Unthinkable Crime

Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden, regrettably, are the people responsible for their own child’s death. Finley was only 10 months old when he was stolen of his future by the very people who were supposed to protect and nurture him.

Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden
Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden

Drug Use and Neglect: Uncovering Finley Boden’s Parents’ Dark Past

It was discovered that the pair had a history of drug usage and had ignored their parental responsibilities. Court testimony revealed their involvement in illegal drug activities before to Finley’s death. Shannon and Stephen were both heavy cannabis users, putting their drug habit ahead of their son’s health.


Text messages seized from their regular cell phones were used as evidence in court, exposing their callous attitude toward their child. Shannon spoke to the “little one” who had kept her awake all night in one message exchanged on December 23, 2020, expressing her wish to “bounce him off the walls” in a disturbingly casual manner. Finley Boden died in what should have been his safest location, according to Detective Inspector Stephen Shaw, the person in charge of the police inquiry. Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden failed not only as carers but also committed the most heinous crime by terminating the life of their innocent kid.

Failed Protection: Social Workers’ Decision Falls Short

In order to protect vulnerable children, Derbyshire County Council social workers made the tough choice to take Finley Boden from his parents immediately after his birth. The judgment was made because Shannon Marsden and Stephen Boden were concerned that the kid would suffer “significant harm” in the inappropriate setting they provided. The couple’s residence was characterized as filthy, messy, and reeking of marijuana.

According to reports, Finley was raised in horrific conditions—a home beset with constant filth and even unsafe circumstances, with fecundity.