Trevor Jacob

Trevor Jacob who staged plane crash faces 20 years jail

This page will go over the most recent news on Trevor Jacob’s arrest. Learn more about the video that has gone viral on the Internet. Trevor Jacob, a YouTuber, consented to plead guilty to hindering a federal investigation after purposefully destroying the wreckage of a tiny plane he crashed in California, according to the US Department of Justice. Continue reading to learn more about Trevor’s arrest and current charges.

Video Blogger Trevor Jacob Arrested Following Plane Crash

YouTube star and former Olympic snowboarder Trevor Jacob could spend the next two decades behind bars after pleading guilty to impeding a federal inquiry by burning the remains of his crashed jet. To increase his YouTube popularity, Jacob parachuted into the Los Padres National Forest after crashing his single-engine plane.

Despite being told to preserve the debris, Jacob winched it out with a helicopter and broke it up into little pieces before dumping them in garbage cans. He admits to lying to federal investigators and producing the film in order to profit from sponsorship. The FAA canceled Jacob’s pilot’s license in April 2022.

Pilots and aviation experts criticized Jacob’s video, pointing out his failure to take simple steps to restart his plane’s engine, which appeared to be in difficulty. Despite his internet celebrity and daring acts, Jacob’s actions in intentionally crashing his jet and then impeding a federal inquiry have placed him in hot water. They may lead to a severe prison sentence. Jacob is anticipated to submit his plea and be punished in Los Angeles.

Trevor Jacob crash
Trevor Jacob crash

Trevor Jacob’s Video on YouTube Goes Viral

Trevor Jacob, the YouTuber who crashed his plane on purpose, has stated in a plea agreement filed in US District Court in Los Angeles that he did it as part of a sponsorship deal. The nearly three million views of the disaster clip show Jacob ejecting from the plane with a selfie stick before parachuting into the bush.

Cameras installed on the plane’s wing and tail, as well as the camera he carried, filmed the crash and landing, and he later went to the accident site to get the video from the onboard cameras.

In the footage, Jacob can be seen parachuting out of the plane and then making his way on foot to the debris, where he looks to be having a hard time locating any signs of civilization.

Following the tragedy, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board conducted investigations, and Jacob was directed to preserve the plane’s remnants. However, he and a friend used a helicopter to lift the wreckage out of the forest and cut it into small pieces over the next several days, putting the components in garbage bins near Lompoc City Airport.

Jacob said in his plea agreement that he had purposefully obstructed federal officials when he disposed of the debris and prepared the film as part of a sponsorship contract with a wallet brand. He also admitted to lying to investigators about the aircraft disaster incident report, which erroneously indicated that the plane had lost power 35 minutes after takeoff.

He also lied to an FAA aviation safety inspector, claiming that the plane’s engine had failed and that he had leaped out of the plane because there were no safe landing choices. The Department of Justice issued a statement summarizing Jacob’s confessions.

Trevor Jacob BIography TimeLine

  • Trevor Daniel Jacob (born August 6, 1993) is an American snowboard cross competitor, extreme sports athlete, YouTuber, and former aircraft pilot. He represented the United States in snowboarding in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Jacob produced videos for YouTube and has become known for skydiving, aviation, and snowboarding content. By January 2022, his YouTube channel had over 100,000 subscribers.
  • Jacob owned a Taylorcraft BL-65, a 1940 vintage single-engine light aircraft registered as N29508. On November 24, 2021, he took off from Lompoc Airport alone, claiming that he was flying to Mammoth Mountain to spread the ashes of his friend Johnny Strange